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i wonder if actors ever get their scripts and are like

well this is fucking stupid


is this a reaction or an example


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STEREK AU: Sourwolf makes a move and Stiles can’t believe it ! 

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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Anonymous said: I seriously don't understand Stalia shippers. I'm a sterek shipper and but look, I wouldn't mind Stydia. I wouldn't literally "cringe" everytime there would be a romantic scene like I do with Stalia. Because Stydia actually fucking make SENSE and I reapeat my OTP is Sterek. I also feel that all of this it's unfair towards Stydia/Sterek fans. WE have been here since the beginning, rooting and hoping and watching, and now we have to see a newbie taking all of this from us? How about no?


Oh my god, thank you! Even Jeff knows nobody want’s to see Stalia because the ratings this season are horrible! And I bet Jeff will use Stydia/Sterek moments to reel some of us back in .. but I know that as long as Stiles and Malia are together, I’m not that interested in the show.

I agree with this 100% 

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I don’t think the Stalia relationship is organic, it’s kind of forced and a complete punch in the face for patient fans who’ve stuck with the show this far. Up until now there has always been a division between Sterek and Stydia shippers, but I for one didn’t mind it at all because though I’ve been a loyal Sterek shipper since the beginning and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, I could also see the merits in the Stydia argument and enjoyed the debates and friendly rivalry (and maybe it wasn’t all friendly but when is it on this site?).

But now there’s suddenly this new ship that went from 0 to 100 in no seconds at all with very little back story (ohmy god you turned me human again, I hate you, lets have sex in the basement), between a human who was previously possessed (and don’t get me started on how their relationship began in an insane asylum when he was fighting the nogitsune and she’d just punched him in the face. Can anyone say romance) and she’s a human turned coyote turned human again who has a very limited understanding of how to act human but is for some reason ready to leap into a relationship straight away… because that makes complete sense. 

To suddenly shove this down our throats with no warning despite having been cultivating Stiles and Lydia’s relationship for seasons, and doing exactly the same however unintentionally with Stiles and Derek, is completely ridiculous. Any good writer will tell you that sometimes stories don’t end up like you planned them to, the characters get a will of their own and forge their own paths and that’s how you know you’ve created something magical because it’s suddenly bigger that you. To ignore that is just stupid and careless and a complete waste.

And I won’t even start on the ratings and support but I will say this. I was curious so I did a little check on AO3. There are 44,576 works in the Teen Wolf tag and of those 27,007 are Sterek. That is over half of all the fics for Teen Wolf. Just let that sink in for a moment, you can add together every fic from every pairing from the rest of the show (Scallison, Scisaac, Scira, Jydia, Janny, Stydia, Eroyd) and they don’t even match the amount of fics Sterek has. That’s insane, but we’re still not recognised, and I don’t know about you but I feel like maybe Malia is acting as a substitute for Derek as they try and appease us. And that’s not cool.

[And for quick comparison Scott and Allison are the next most popular with 4632, Stiles and Lydia are on a respectable 1215, and Stalia has 226 - though I do concede it is a new ship so it’s bound to have less]

And yeah, I don’t know if anyone actually reads my rants or cares, or even agrees with what I’m saying, but I’m going to end it here before I bore you all to death. I will clarify one thing though, I don’t hate Malia as a character, but I do dislike the Stalia relationship for the points above and many more besides and I think that’s an important difference to make. She’s hardly my favourite, but she’s had some great moments and Shelley is absolutely wonderful and super adorable and I feel so sorry for Malia that she’s become this tool in the show to try and mould it into what they want it to be and not what it was becoming on it’s own. She deserved to be her own character, to learn who she was alone before diving in the deep end (again coyote-human transformation has got to be a tough thing to go through, you’d think she’d want some time to explore humanity again when she’s not a prepubescent preteen, but hey, apparently not) 

I hope that one day soon they’ll realise they’re doing things wrong and get their heads out of their asses.

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PewDiePie Reacts To Elders React To PewDiePie


Not really even a fan of PewDiePie but hot damn the last two are incredible

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apparently it’s nineteen fucking twenty

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Who should be sat on the Iron Throne at the end of it?

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Teen Wolf AU: SWAT Team

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Jewish And Arab People Posing Together Online, ‘Refusing To Be Enemies’

In the midst of news about the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, some people are posting photos online for an international social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter, with the hashtag, #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies. 

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